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Lock washers 


The effective protection against self loosening and unscrewing.

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Spring Lock Washers

According to Bahn-Norm BN 208012-T6 and SN60727
The reliable security device to prevent wide range of bolted assemblies from unscrewing and loosening.

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Another focus of our product portfolio are turned parts according to DIN/EN or ISO.
This can be carried out exactly according to standard and also norm-like.

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Milled parts or laser or water jet cut parts

Thickness and strength: 0.3 to 100 mm

Parts length: to 500 mm

Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic

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Turned parts, CNC turned parts, long turned parts

Part diameter: 0.3 to 200 mm

Parts Length: 1000 mm

Materials: steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and plastic

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Kontaktscheiben 2

The contact lock washer to NFE 25-511 and SN 70093 with grooved surface provides the designer the ability to secure vibrating screw assemblies effectively.

It is particularly suitable for use on slot fasteners, dynamic cross-loaded to the screw assemblies and applications that require high biasing forces.

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Spring Lock Washer

VH - VHD - VHZ - technical characteristics according to DIN 128 A

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Since 1982, Vossloh Verbindungselemente ("Vossloh Fasteners") is your reliable partner for turned parts, machined parts, screw locks, and fasteners of all types according to standard and/or drawing. We deliver to a wide variety of industries: this includes automotive, locomotive, solar, mechanical engineering, steel engineering, wagon construction, railway superstructure, and wholesale fasteners, among others. Located in Plettenberg, Germany.

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