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Contact Lock Washer AFNOR NFE 25-511 SN70093

The contact lock washer to NFE 25-511 and SN 70093 with grooved surface provides the designer the ability to secure wobble-prone screw effectively.

It is particularly suitable for use on slot fasteners, dynamic cross-loaded to the screw connections and applications that require high biasing forces.

Operational: The contact wheel ensures positively spring and a form-fitting locking.


  • multifunctional component
  • no meed of component change
  • readjustment deleted
  • high elasticity
  • reusable
  • material independently
  • temperature insensitive
  • no rotation during screwing
  • suitable for any standard bolt

Available versions:

Form S = narrow - for small headrests
Form M = average - for normal headrests
Form B = wide - for large pressure transmission surfaces and slot fasteners
Form K = serrated - for electrically conductive connections with contact teeth (SN 70093)

Materials and surfaces:

Spring steel hardened 420-510 HV 10
raw / greased, mechanically galvanized, zinc flake coating (eg GEOMET 321A)

Rust and acid-resistant steel (A2 and A4) coatless

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